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1) I wouldn't say I know a lot about art - of course I enjoy various forms of visual art but I don't read books about it or visit the gallery too often. I just wanted to tell you that "Dangerous Beauty" was one of the very best paintings I have ever seen in my life. I was just casually browsing Reddit when I saw it and my jaw dropped. It was the first time that I felt anything when looking at a painting.

Believe me, I am not exaggerating and you're the first person I am writing a message of appreciation to. I love everything about your painting - the tones of the water, the depth of the clouds, the composition, the emotion it gives me. I couldn't take my eyes off it for a few minutes.
Thank you for sharing this piece. I think it will change my view of paintings - I couldn't feel a thing when I visited the National Gallery in London but your painting really hit me hard

2) Thanks God pictures that i don't understand costs millions and something like this one is affordable(i think it is).

3) Your acrylics always look so blendy, I would think they were oils. Excellent work!

4) You did a great job of capturing when that one bit of sunlight gets through the clouds and makes it look like the water is almost glowing

5) I love the turmoil of the sea! J.MW. Turner inspiration? His work is my favorite. If you haven't seen it, I would definitely recommend checking it out.
Edit: The comparison to Ivan Aivazovsky from the other user is more accurate, since Turner's oceans were impressionist and less detailed

6) Look up Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. OP's painting looks very inspired by his work. If not it's an uncanny similarity.

7) That little swirl on the right looks like part of the wave running away screaming.

8) Another awesome ocean painting. I love the light and colors of the water. Great job once again.

9) Wow this is incredible! Fantastic work op

10) This is my home screen and lock screen now. Thanks

11) Awesome! I love that :)

12) I really like the way you utilized such brilliant white to heavily contrast the ocean wave cresting against the dull grey expanse behind it. Very dramatic painting that has a kinetic edge that I find thrilling. Well done. I'm loving this piece. I love the cyan color with the dark grays and sand color. I would definitely hang this up in my home.

13) I never comment on this sub but I burst out loud "Ooo...I really like that" while mindlessly scrolling through RES. Just thought I'd let you know...I really,really like it!

14) That's beautiful.I get a slightly melancholical feeling, while looking at this. Now I want to go outside and dance in the rain while listening to Elliot Smith. Thank you!

15)Really great juxtaposition between the springy hue of the blue sea and the dark mystique of the low rolling clouds -- really terrific work, thanks for sharing with us!!
P.S This was beautifully encapsulated by the title "Dangerous Beauty"
Awesome!! Would love a poster of this of print. Would just need a link :)
Nice, it's very Winslow Homer-esque to me.

16) I'm not an artist but had to comment here- this is absolutely beautiful. Perfect combination of turbulent ocean and stormy skies, I've wanted a piece like this for ages. Well done!

17)i dont comment a lot here, but this is a beauty. thanks for sharing

love the colours~

18)Very pretty piece!

19)This is wonderful, really! Great job

20)Gorgeous, love the water details

21)Nice! I like the waves how they are in the middle of movement. It creates a nice scenery.

23)Thought this was real there for a minute, GREAT job!

24)Is this for sale?

25)Sweet! Love how the waves. You capture the motion perfectly. Lovely use of color.

26)Water and the ocean are one of the harder things to paint for me. You did a great job!

27)Great work, I really like the water effect at the top. Is that based off a real species of fish?

28)Wooo sooo beautiful art.

29)Fantastic! This is super awesome!

30)You are very talented you should do videos maybe thats how you can build your portfolio.

31)the water is so pure. I love it

32)i dont comment a lot here, but this is a beauty. thanks for sharing

love the colours~

33)Brilliant! How long did this take u?

34)Love the underwater scene and colors of the ocean-truly awesome

35)Very pretty piece!

36)composition is great

37)You nailed the colour of the sea. I want to be in it

39)Someone who understands the ocean.

40)Inspired (I'm guessing) by the greatest naval painter ever: Ivan Aivazovsky.

41)Fantastic work on the ocean.

42)If you sell these, I most certainly want a link.

43)I love the 2nd one and Einstein.

44)More dogs on surfboards please.

45)I always upvote good (and real) art.

46)Bora Bora! - these are awesome

47)@OP I'm digging the deep ocean paintings. My favorite art pieces are the deep ocean and space from planet side view from deep ocean up.

48)Now some of my wallpaper

49)These are fantastic.

50)Jesus these are gorgeous!

51)You art is ^^ing amazing and so are you

52)Absolutely beautiful. You make me regret having stopped my sketching and painting hobbies

53)You really like water, huh?

54)I really liked these. Going to use one as my phone background if you don't mind.

55)These are gorgeous!


57)You should try something else than water your potential must not be wasted!

58)Great talent and all but the swimming dogs got you the upvote

59)These are really great!

60)Where can I buy??

61)Very nice op! +1

62)No way, is #8 Seal Beach Pier?!?

63)These are gorgeous @op thank you for sharing!

64)These are incredible!!!

65)I want the octopus one >> these Are great

66)Love the depth and surreal feeling of these

67)Wonderful textures. Your use of lighting is remarkable as well. Congrats on the fucking mastery @#head.


69)Are you selling? The painting of the long pier looks really awesome!

70)%%k you. You're very good at this, better than me or anyone i know.

71)The whole series is just something to marvel at. The waters are painted with detail and motion, it insane!