UPS routing of drivers with their Orion edd delivery order is used as a corruptible algorithm which can get their trucks into low traffic pockets, while leaving you in a jam. They use differing delivery styles and work ethic of ups workers to create what if scenarios used to calculate quantum society data that links lives and uses what if scenarios as replacements of real life scenarios to alter perceptions based on the resultant dystopic trance from linking logistics to emotions via traffic patterns driven by This alters what we do and when we do it, making our lives on the road predictable, therefore our mood becomes predictable and adjustable by a parked car door opened as you drive by, a cyclist who runs a red light he things he saw as green because he has color blindness, etc.
ithin society, perpetuating the evil nature of those who don't know how to see the harm of their own actions by not realizing vision can do more than your hands faith or worry, what's your MO?. 

This correlates to ups not reporting workers compensation claims for new injuries for 6 weeks for some injured employees while requiring them to sit Ina tiny cubicle doing nothing relatable to work all day for 6 weeks, to alter investment perceptions and lower perceived investor exposure to injury risk factors. UPS what's to hide what they see from their insurance carrier, because UPS wants to protect their precious, then they sell your stock in your portfolio and copy their vision into your subconscious mind, linking your money to their vision problem that they use the FBI to alter by remote controlling people with technology I've uncoverd and will explain in this article below.

Ups uses their satellites to ameliorate this data by killing injured employees without anyone seeing it, like traffic accidents or cancer by driving them into distracted routines which increases their odds of being placed in harms way. When reflected vision is attempting to cause stress, see it as character building so something good can be done with it, which is the purpose of our human existence: to appreciate the joys of life, while having the sensibilities to make something good of the bad with faith that it is possible.

The opposite of faith, worry, is again used by criminals that can't see, by making honest people seem like they are worried. How is it done? By making evil people deaf. They don't listen, or are placed in such a dystopic stars that they, by their connection to people who lie by hide the lies so the person can't see them, preventing them from being able to cope with truth bendy their subconscious mind it alter by the acceptance of these evil people into your heart to the point they think they can use the system to send self serving messages into your mind with layers thinking that speaks Gossip into your ear to turn your faith indy worry, that is the used to power and change the thought flow of their intended victim. By making you sin by fortnight your faith into worry with lies your didn't wheb know we're implanted to alter your thinking, some women have been used to judge and not care about the harm it can cause because they are chunkier remote controllable by bad men through pleasure stimulus and force electronic rape which makes your mind suggestible with oxytocin release, such liquidites your mind.

By continuing to use your mind, getting your to love them and their evil behavior you have become deceived as a tool of the devil, then making you feel like the world is out to get you, your faith being seen as worry but is really patterned by the true deceive, the men who can't see clearly. By forcing disabled people into these conundrums, they use this lack of faith as a way to use judgement of people who have had their vision altered to judge a pertain forced to explain this in a way that causes pain and further disability, such they have used to try to day, look what he is doing (in incredibly pain). I'm forced to write this to call out the criminals of the world, imploring those who have had their money in UPS stock routed to your forced system need to judge others and cause them pain, because surveillance by people with vision problems gives them a job monetizing their evil, which then patterns their vision problems in to your problem when you protect 'your precious ' desires by agreeing to cause others pain because you think they deserve it, because the FBI led about them or altered your thoughts by creating subconsious prospects 

I figured out and Ups is using it to alter my life by denying proper medical care. It's what ups uses to gang stalk people, and they sell this data to the fbi so they can set up traffic box patterns to route people into difficulties in their life, to force you to be the driver that has a miserable day, by affecting your forecast. Let faith guide you, not their worry and fear based gestapo algorithm that, because ups is international, is used worldwide by every major delivery company, or as seamless route altering algorithm they Are or are not aware of.

For example, we can correlate the way someone does something, with how they say something and how they perceive what they will say or do. How you see the world by looking at the bright side of things can change your perspective drastically.

Before I suffered my disabling injury at ups, the computer listing delivery order, or EDD, was changed drastically daily from the actually order loaded on the shelves. This was confounding, and didn't make sense. My belief is that this was uses to cause a dystopic confusion in my daily routine. This could correlate to the way another less productive driver would have done things. When these conundrums happen in our life are relatable via ups quantum algorithms that link minds, we have to question how ups correlates packages to people's lives and correct events.

I hypothesise the people in your life your life are used by ups to affect your life in the same way package delivery styles can be wildly different. Ups can route the delivery order of packages and therefore traffic data by using processes of driver delivery routines to guess what they are going to do next. They use past data to determine future routines, so they can confound or make easier with traffic. They them use this system to Gossip about injured worker's, which they may have predicted long ago would be injured, and used specific happenings or gossip to make the     

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