UPS routing of drivers with their Orion edd delivery order is used as a corruptible algorithm which can get their trucks into low traffic pockets, while leaving you in a jam. They use differing delivery styles and work ethic of ups workers to create what if scenarios used to calculate quantum society data that links lives and uses what if scenarios as replacements of real life scenarios to alter perceptions based on the resultant dystopic trance from linking logistics to emotions via traffic patterns driven by This alters what we do and when we do it, making our lives on the road predictable, therefore our mood becomes predictable and adjustable by a parked car door opened as you drive by, a cyclist who runs a red light he things he saw as green because he has color blindness, etc.

Truth doest start where you start seeing.. Thinking you know everything as data but needing time and patterns to access that data require that people not judge based on incomplete truth that involves hidden facts,  if this,  then that.  What if 'your thoughts on 'this' are not complete? Truth can seem corrupt based on the need for more time to understand truth and the what ifs associated with your beliefs. Those who had implanted lies and use people for your own gain, and chose to cover up their lies are being found out.  If you've figured it out, use your own best judgment,  not worry created by a system that created these dystopias to talk to people out loud about this system.  Think of your life like a silver screen,  your body supplying the light as a protector of who you are.  When other persons projectors vary from your own beliefs,  based on worry,  Gossip or lack of faith,  a person's life story can be overtaken by multiple projectors of expectation of events which is used to remote control people via static energy that forces thought manipulations via upper management directives to keep the narrative via Gossip based on incomplete data from past,  present or future based on their own desire to profit and use analysts by supplying them with skewed data patterned specifically for their own judgement to be used against the person being seen incorrectly, using their emotional or physical pain caused by others vision problems, to put them in a remote controllable dystopia. 

UPS sells this data to the FBI which then use subconsious manipulations via conditioned responses, routing the expectation of behavior powered by seeing alerted by those who want to acquire what they are looking for, to make those who are a part of God (those who have faith in honestly and in their own senses and abilities, to seem sinful because the FBI uses worry as an energy to pull a good person's thoughts into a dystopic trance. Effectively remote controlling a good person by evil people gaining trust for evil purposes those who they can make worry because of Gossip about their loved ones that isn't true. It's like putting a blindfold over the eyes of an honest person and using God against himself. Don't Gossip, and know that evil people will try to ply you with pleasire or presents, and make your decision to not want yourself idolized controlled you to make sure they were doing it for the correct reasons, so you determined that was too make sure they were happy when they bought you gifts which is really the desire of those who implanted the incomplete thought, by binding you, they created a scenario in which the could sell the world on cheap products, selling what they wanted to live of off our souls, by keeping us so far in debt that our countries vision became used to harmed by a surveillance apparatus that wanted their precious, contoured by the beast, that doesn't know how to XI and wants to take over the world.

The FBI have been patterned the semi professional peeping Tom's of the world. They peer into your window to see what they can. Like a marble mounted to help you to see who is there out of respect, your eyes have become a way they view into your life to take for their viewing pleasure and monetary gain. They look so intent with their state that it hurts and they use it to subconsiouslt distract you by using system resources to create layers of thought, that use static in your mind to pull your thoughts in directions that they want your to think, just like UPS creates traffic static to route your driving behavior and direction. They are using our mind by linking unrelated data like packing tracking of boxes in a plane but don't tell you the snake on the plane is their watch. They have a problem with seeing with their own eyes and then use yours to develop their minds? No, I don't think so. This is what perpetuated the devolving of man, and the evolution of women. To top it off, these men use Gossip by gaining your trust, showing your their carnival trick to make your think a good man has the seeing problem. Bam, they gained your trust and to maintain it, they promiss you something that they think they control. Let system static travel to where is was created, by making sure those that caused it in your life become accountable, all the way to the top. Is the only way. If you have felt static from the system, it may not be the person you think, it may be that they, Berghaus of their personal peptide behavior are used as a conduit for the equalizing of static created in their life by you. The system uses personality to create routing of thought that is congruent with the situating at hand, so that a configuration can be created that allows for these static conduits to be made, to send the static to the proper recipient.

It's kind of like a program for a computer game that forces the computer to think with AI, by routing and backward engineering, the alluring can be found. When those who are criminals used quantum computers to bury their crimes in bits and pieces on the minds of those they targeted, they used an algorithm. This is why I came up with the quantum light computer, to calculate who the problems are, so we can have some piece in this world. It's kind of life a universe of stars that interplay light and photons, but you have to be honest with not only what you see, but how you see it. If you don't correct the way your see the twinkle of a star, but might get burned by the sun. Why in the world would the FBI use their seeing problem to interface ocular nerve interference to the point they have no pain? Have they blinded themselves with their own inability to see with perspective?

This is what is used to alter perceptions within the system, by saying or showing something to you that is similar to true to life events or what ifs but because it might be based on different people, the life of a person can be made wildly different. just like one delivery driver can have a great day with a heavy route, but another can have a miserable day, because of their outlook, their faith is lacking.

It's an outlook algorithms that power ups's quantum algorithm, and it is used criminally to prevent anything positive being done with workers compensation claims for injured employees that are still on ups's perceived payroll, because they are not making ups money, so they watch them and use the FBI to alter what they do, so they can cause seeing problems within society, perpetuating the evil nature of those who don't know how to see the harm of their own actions by not realizing vision can do more than your hands faith or worry, what's your MO?.

This correlates to ups not reporting workers compensation claims for new injuries for 6 weeks for some injured employees while requiring them to sit Ina tiny cubicle doing nothing relatable to work all day for 6 weeks, to alter investment perceptions and lower perceived investor exposure to injury risk factors. UPS what's to hide what they see from their insurance carrier, because UPS wants to protect their precious, then they sell your stock in your portfolio and copy their vision into your subconscious mind, linking your money to their vision problem that they use the FBI to alter by remote controlling people with technology I've uncoverd and will explain in this article below.

Ups uses their satellites to ameliorate this data by killing injured employees without anyone seeing it, like traffic accidents or cancer by driving them into distracted routines which increases their odds of being placed in harms way. When reflected vision is attempting to cause stress, see it as character building so something good can be done with it, which is the purpose of our human existence: to appreciate the joys of life, while having the sensibilities to make something good of the bad with faith that it is possible.

The opposite of faith, worry, is again used by criminals that can't see, by making honest people seem like they are worried. How is it done? By making evil people deaf. They don't listen, or are placed in such a dystopic stars that they, by their connection to people who lie by hide the lies so the person can't see them, preventing them from being able to cope with truth bendy their subconscious mind it alter by the acceptance of these evil people into your heart to the point they think they can use the system to send self serving messages into your mind with layers thinking that speaks Gossip into your ear to turn your faith indy worry, that is the used to power and change the thought flow of their intended victim. By making you sin by fortnight your faith into worry with lies your didn't wheb know we're implanted to alter your thinking, some women have been used to judge and not care about the harm it can cause because they are chunkier remote controllable by bad men through pleasure stimulus and force electronic rape which makes your mind suggestible with oxytocin release, such liquidites your mind.

By continuing to use your mind, getting your to love them and their evil behavior you have become deceived as a tool of the devil, then making you feel like the world is out to get you, your faith being seen as worry but is really patterned by the true deceive, the men who can't see clearly. By forcing disabled people into these conundrums, they use this lack of faith as a way to use judgement of people who have had their vision altered to judge a pertain forced to explain this in a way that causes pain and further disability, such they have used to try to day, look what he is doing (in incredibly pain). I'm forced to write this to call out the criminals of the world, imploring those who have had their money in UPS stock routed to your forced system need to judge others and cause them pain, because surveillance by people with vision problems gives them a job monetizing their evil, which then patterns their vision problems in to your problem when you protect 'your precious ' desires by agreeing to cause others pain because you think they deserve it, because the FBI led about them or altered your thoughts by creating subconsious prospects that a person could do something, using your problem with lack of faith caused by they patterns from the past and dystopic trance they place a person they want to remote Cuneo to cause you to worry, to sin, so they can own the whole world but lose their souk while living off of yours. By listening you this way, they have made you think is ok to live off the souls of your youth, the FBI choosing those that could call them out on their criminal behavior by making a sacrifice because they got you to see improperly by forcing pleasure into your life with molestation of mind and soul, to the point that now you don't want people to see that you have been decided, your cousin becoming hidden by criminals who woo you, and use you, a Woman, a creator of life, a part of God, against good people. First of, women, please please don't judge other women.

I figured out and Ups is using it to alter my life by denying proper medical care. It's what ups uses to gang stalk people, and they sell this data to the fbi so they can set up traffic box patterns to route people into difficulties in their life, to force you to be the driver that has a miserable day, by affecting your forecast. Let faith guide you, not their worry and fear based gestapo algorithm that, because ups is international, is used worldwide by every major delivery company, or as seamless route altering algorithm they Are or are not aware of.

For example, we can correlate the way someone does something, with how they say something and how they perceive what they will say or do. How you see the world by looking at the bright side of things can change your perspective drastically.

Before I suffered my disabling injury at ups, the computer listing delivery order, or EDD, was changed drastically daily from the actually order loaded on the shelves. This was confounding, and didn't make sense. My belief is that this was uses to cause a dystopic confusion in my daily routine. This could correlate to the way another less productive driver would have done things. When these conundrums happen in our life are relatable via ups quantum algorithms that link minds, we have to question how ups correlates packages to people's lives and correct events.

I hypothesise the people in your life your life are used by ups to affect your life in the same way package delivery styles can be wildly different. Ups can route the delivery order of packages and therefore traffic data by using processes of driver delivery routines to guess what they are going to do next. They use past data to determine future routines, so they can confound or make easier with traffic. They them use this system to Gossip about injured worker's, which they may have predicted long ago would be injured, and used specific happenings or gossip to make the same thing happen over and over, making sure key points in a person's life meet their objective of steering humanity just like delivery order. In order to pull this off, they create a dystopic society and seek to prevent people from experiencing life with people that are meant to be together. Those people could help ground society in reality to stop this criminal use of what if scenarios that ups uses to bully and sell bullying to let figures, governments FBI, etc. They cause crimes, or force others to be routed into the path of others watching them from another angle so they perceive a crimes has happened, but what isn't known is that an honest person placed into a dystopic state are literally steered into fates by FBI analysts who job out is is to create confounding occurrences in the life of a person who might be a foodie liability to corruptible corporatism that want to keep costs down. They go on data from good' boy fbi whom they place in key positions as criminal informant neighbors, to alter the life of a person like me. The FBI is a group of gossipers that route the lives of people to protect their own assets. They are the criminals of society. They use this system to pull your rabbit out of their hat and make you think I did it, all while I was in the audience kept at home worth a disabling injury they caused by using key figures in my life to log in to track packages that forced dystopic mind altering microwaves into my delivery vehicle to access computer data right as I was exiting the vehicle, causing my fall which ups predicted would result in my death one way. Since they act on fear of money loss we have proof the don't have faith in people, and would rather kill them than with seemingly unrelated traffic accidents caused by delivery routed traffic jams. You get it? Ask if our traffic nightmare are caused by deliver companies clumping people together to give their trucks easy access to your life. Your bad day becomes anothers great day, which FBI uses to seem like the magician in your life. They pull data of faith and confidence from the minds of good people, from women and myself or key personality traits, and uses them to look like good boys. Accessing this data via satellites creates a dizzying dystopic trance and microwave pain, which caused my disabling injury and was used to alter my life to hide who I an. This causes evolution to stop, because men who copy don't learn, they force their brain to become a robotic data access point, making them programmable. This is why e need to talk about this aid from the top. COVID IS a result of FBI altering the lives of people with UPS deliver analytics, and they are the thieves who pilfer your ideas to look life the intelligent good boys.

Sorry (but not really), FBI, your days off doing this to people are numbered. Go public with this information, you have been warned. Your see, you are not a chosen one, your were chosen for that job because we knew you are the criminal mind type that think they can confines to ruin the lives of others, copying their behaviors just when it makes the most impact, but you lack the ability to listen!!
Self growth through art can heal a society forced into provable dystopic states

By criminal FBI and government intrusions that start with childhood trauma. Literally caused by co conspirators that use pain of others to remote control through dystopic stars of mind directly linked to criminal FBI activity. Timelines connect positive or negative static, and can force some people into stoic states of mind. Or controlled elevated moods, that,  when combined with repeated system rape events can cause a woman to lash or and rightfullyprotect herself and society from men that rape.  The chasm between high and low stars of mind is where I believe the fbi connects other people to your mind,  to alter your flow of thought into another path,  which makes an honest person capable of being remote controlled by criminal intent to solve crime by causing the perception that a crime happened. These states of mind that can drop a typically happy person's mood into the unknown territory of anothers thought process of lower level thinking can lead people to act out in only way they know how,  to protect themselves from this forced psychological states. Men who rape women beware, your life is on the line,  and the women you harm have every right to protect themselves from forced dystopic states in which they are being harmed. If you have physically raped women with system sex, you have put yourselves into a conundrum.  This is why the governed needs to start talking! Honest people who base their actions upon trust have a natural state of trusting themselves.  By forcing a connection to millions of people,  the honest persons thoughts can be led into dystopic states controlled by the community involved mood processes. When the community of people who log into anothers mind have first had their perceptions altered by rumor or gossip,  their views become the canvas in which a community can alter the thought processes of an honest person.  Through memory recall or pain memory recall static during times of decision making,  a controlling surveillance sector puts themselves into a potential grave area.  Think of the static heartbeat like rhythms that can overpower normal processes of mind when they are uses by FBI by replaying them subconsiouslt by system FBI intrusion at key moments in a person's life, or by mimicking a path of thought flow they desire in a subject they want to criminalize by remote controlling them.  This would implicate those people of the FBI how orchestrate these activities as criminals not protected by law just to protect a more valuable person. and protects the person whom they remote controlled that acted to protect in good faith that which they needed to protect based on previous real occurrence such as system intrusions of physical and sexual    

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