Steve Brosnac Creative Arts


      International Award Winning
                     Fine Art      

Art is about connections between an artists messages sent and how a viewer receives those messages.  Every person who views a particular piece of art brings their own influence or tastes which form their own opinion.   In my experience, people connect with art because they feel something.  Sometimes they feel emotions that they can't explain outside of their subconscious.   To some, my art reminds of dark times that were overcome with triumph.  

A true artist doesn't create to sell, they create because they are driven to express themselves, and those expressions are what people connect with. I enjoy creating art or study's of subjects that move me emotionally.   How I process those feelings gets translated into artwork, which is essentially a physical manifestation of my inner self.  In that respect, my art has life in which anyone can interpret in ways they choose.

If I paint a picture with a certain intent or feeling during the creation, it can be interpreted in as many ways as there are viewers.  I believe there is no right or wrong way to 'see' a work of art.  You connect visually, and/or emotionally or you don't.  If something about it moves you, then my creation of it becomes more profound. Thank you.