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My Artist Statement

My name is Steve Brosnac, and I'm an artist living in Long Beach California.  After  26 years as a UPS driver, I had a career ending injury.  I started drawing with charcoal in December 2015 and painting in the spring of 2016 as art therapy for severe chronic pain and deep depression following several major life-changing events.  My self-taught artistic meditation is the only way for me to fully escape physical pain, and it buffers the resultant depression.  As such, it has become my life's passion.  For the first time, I feel I'm doing what I was meant to do.

As a child I remember frequent weekend trips to the ocean, and it has become a place for me to relax and feel at home as an adult.  This is why you see the ocean as a focal point in many of my artworks.

Creating my "Masters Series" paintings have helped me to experienced artistic growth by understanding the masters of art.  By painting their portrait in my style and surrounding artwork inspired by their own, I'm developing a sense of what drove their art.  

The art I remember is that which I feel was created with passion.  The chills you feel when art draws you in, sometimes making you weep, those chills mean you connect with the joy, lust, heartache or other emotions that powered every brush-stroke.  My hope is that you will know me through my art, and that it might inspire you!